Kyrillos Zangalis congratulates Sergey Karjakin

Aperture: f/4.5
Focal Length: 85mm
ISO: 6400
Shutter: 0.0125 sec
Camera: NIKON D600

Today is the last round of World Chess Championship in New York. The candidate world champion Sergey Karjakin took the ticket to New York by winning the Candidates Tournament in Moscow. At that tournament I met Kyrillos Zangalis. Kyrillos is the manager of Sergey Karjakin. He is Greek born in USSR. We were sitting very close at the press office the first 2 days. I was speaking Russian so he didn’t understand that I am Greek. But from the moment that he listened me speaking English with a Serbian journalist he came and asked me Where I come from. Then he told me that he is Greek and the next days we followed the games and the results and I was seeing how anxious he was. Until the moment that Sergey Karjakin won the tournament.
At that moment he was waiting him to congratulate him and he asked me also to take a picture of them. But it was really impossible to take a picture that it would be clear that is Sergey inside the hug of Kyrillos. Kyrillos as Greek he express his feelings so when he saw him he really grabbed him in his hug.  This photo finally is a photo that express very well Kyrillos that last days became hero of National Norwegian TV with many simple Norwegian invite him in Norway as guest.

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